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    VCPA is dedicated to promoting mental health throughout our county.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit vivamus eu ante sed urna aliquet varius sfqgw.With membership as diverse as our geographic region, VCPA is uniquely situated to provide access to psychological assistance and resources. Read More
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In striving to embrace our diverse community and welcome psychologists of all backgrounds, identities, and cultural groups, the Ventura County Psychological Association Board will be presenting solidarity statements to demonstrate this commitment.  From a perspective of cultural humility, we, as board members, will work to embody the words "inclusion, equity, and diversity," as we hope to bring a sense of belonging and empowerment to the psychologists in our community.  Within this enthused effort, we hope to highlight our diverse community, encouraging each of us to educate ourselves and connect with diverse individuals to expand our reach, cultural awareness, and awareness of bias and privilege from a position of cultural humility.  We acknowledge that solidarity statements will sometimes come up short, as we uncover our own blind spots and biases, but we will push onwards to learn, be inclusive, promote accessibility, and understand the dynamic nature of intersecting identities.  We welcome dialogue and feedback, as we grow together in understanding ourselves, as well as our diverse members and community.  We remember our primary mission, to create a place of support and collaboration among colleagues, while encouraging growth to better serve our clients and community. We appreciate you, our members, your insight and wisdom, and are excited about the growth opportunities ahead, as we empower the varied people we serve to heal and respond to mental health challenges.

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